“NEVER!!” - I once answered when my classmate asked me if i would work in the government.
1. Working with the government? That would be boring. I saw myself at that time as a hectic, energetic person, fueled with desires and passions to make something of myself.

“NEVER!!” - I once answered again when my ex-boss asked me to work in his department, as a teacher.
I respected the profession but somehow i never did see it as a cool profession.

At the end, i am working in the government and i am working as a teacher. Aha! One thing that i have learned is, never to say “NEVER!!” : ). By saying “Never!!”, you have actually limited yourself to your only comfort zone, and i am sure that is not the best way to find new discoveries. I have made of a habit of approaching something with “Zero Expectation” when i dont feel like venturing into that unfamiliar zone (sort of positive mental practise).

Being a teacher?? I dont know but i think i like being a teacher now. It serves me great as i find understanding and hearing my students thoughts refreshing. I am always amazed at how many things they can teach me about life. Sometimes i wonder, am i really THE teacher or is it the other way round? As time goes by, i see they grow into a better person and i know that i dont have to look far for inspiration.

Never let people demoralize you by telling what you can or cannot do.

I remember : 4 yours ago, there was two students no one wanted. On paper, it was clearly stated that these two boys were not qualified. I decided to accept them. I called them to my office, and tell them why i had accepted them. After some briefing, i finally said “I believe that everyone can or will change only if you believe that you can.” At the end, one boy dropped out for having an attitude problem. The other boy, however, turned out to be wonderful. And it was a great experience seeing him thru his journey. Oh, yes! His journey wasnt smooth and easy, but he managed to sail thru it. He passed with flying colours, obviously in my book.

And for witnessing his journey and determination, i am glad to experience it.

Now, new semester is, and i have just finished my first class with a new batch of students. I have got a feeling that i ll be venturing into another great adventure here.

And to all my “other” friends, yes..i may not make as much money as you are, nor travel to many places as you do, nor often visit to fancy joints as you do, but I am glad and happy i am a teacher.

Hmmm.. I wonder what would have happened if i have said “MAYBE!!” instead of “NEVER!!” Aha : ) T

Thank You My Class of 2010 : )

Till next time.
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