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Simplify my life : D

I am making less appearance online these days. I agree with LadyJava, "Take Time to Pause". This post is not going to be another emotional bruhaha on "I am getting tired of blogging." Safe to say, everybody will go thru that phase. This is about simplifying my life to create that Rizal wellness. Whoaho!! i liikeee!!

Being inactive for these past few weeks has made me think. Great!! Finally, I am turning my online direction to another path for now. The slow-mo that is. No more will i drop entrecard, no more buzz or ping my entry on social networking services and no more will i think about page rank and alexa (Aha! i just uninstalled mozilla search status add on - owh! i laikkk!). I dont think those are my mojo. I am not saying that you should do these as well too. Just because it works for me, doesnt mean it will work for you.

The truth is, i like reading people's thoughts and commenting here and there, but not fond on the idea of being caught up with "everything- you-MUST-know-about-blogging." Sorry sir, i beg to differ as an individual (though people may look me as LOSER! in the blogging battlefield aha!!)

Living in the information era can be tiring. Tons and tons of information keep coming like a choo-choo train draining all your energy. You keep on multitasking here and there, checking twitter, FB, and emels and there are forums and newsgroups. Then, there tips and tricks if you are a twitter, blogger, FB , and / or smartphone user on how to improve yourself, to be always in the front-liners of online world (chuckle). At the end, you pat yourself on the back thinking how good you are on multitasking, battling the ever incoming horde of Infos. Multitasting.. opps multitasking isnt not a good thing. It used to be the IN thing. You ll never be very good at something if you keep on multitasking; just an average or above average person that is. To be an expert or excel at something, you need to focus. Multitasting in online world is tiring

Blink! Suddenly, it hit me.

" \ˈin-trə-ˌvərt\" An introvert person is what i am Whoaho!!. Stereotypically, people see us as shy and not-much of a social person. But, i am happy to be as one. Introvert recharges his / her energy by being alone with him / herself. Being with people and things for a constant and long period drains em. Introverts always need time with themselves to recharge, think, plan, feel and contemplate about things, which i feel absolutely true. I am more into small groups of personal rather than being in large crowd. I am comfy being at home too. Sounds like I am a boring person. No.. I am not, and I do have our my life plus I know how to have great fun(grin).AHA!! (reminiscing my wild days.. oppps!!) Introverts take thing personals, and by no means we are emotional. Just that we are easily tired listening to petty things instead of engaging in a more meaningful conversation.

However, i am not going to turn RestNrilekS into one of those philosophical blogs about life and so much more. Aha, I am just going to gear my speed down, simplifying my life. : D As starters, i have stripped down Project Wonderful, Google Adsense and few things which clutter RestNrilekS appearance. Being a "something" blogger is no longer my goal. Aiming for my wellness is, simplifying is, achieving something in offline world is. True as they say, if those things are wearing you down, loose em. Give and take, keep some and loose some.

As in design world too : Less Is More and More Is Less. : D

I have finally found my online inner-peace heheee. How about you? Share with me.

Happy Blogging and Have a Great Day EveryDay

Till next time.

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