Salam Ramadhan to all Muslims, may ALLAH bless you on this holy month, and have a great day everyday to the rest.

I bought myself a bamboo wacom tablet, the smaller version two weeks ago. I am taking my sweet time enjoying the experiences, getting the hang of using it (the truth : this bamboo introductory just to valid my point of posting these two pictures down here. Teehee!!) Great that i can continue back doing things that i like : drawing aka doodling.

Just jotting down my thoughts as a quick journal here. The picture pretty much sums up things that i had happened couple of weeks earlier.
This is my quick sketch to get a feeling of using bamboo and ArtRage. I think i am getting better at it and I like using ArtRage more to Illustrator or Photoshop (havent been using Photoshop for quite some-time).

Owh! by the way, i am picking up again my so-long dusty "LiveMoBo : Live Mobile Blogging" as a mean of jotting down my quick and simple daily thoughts. Click "Of Incik RestNrilekS" on the nav tab to see my livemobo.

On another note, for the last couple of weeks, i had been working on almost every weekend. At first, i thought i was going to be very tired and exhausted, knowing that i would be working on Saturday, Sunday and Monday too. The extra job required me to brainstorm from 9am to 5pm. Surprisingly, it turned out to be okay. The first saturday was somehow tiring because i was rushing everything, from walking, eating to brainstorming. By the time i got home, i was sweating from that 30-minute walk and my leg-muscles were aching. The following day however, i started to slow things down, and i started to experience a whole new sense of awareness.

When i slowed my pace, i noticed a whole lot of things better. I didnt mind standing in a train. In fact, i enjoyed watching people of different sorts and styles while in the train. I breathed the morning air calmly, feeling fresh eventhough i knew that most people were still in the comfort of their beds on that Sunday Morning. In spite of feeling having to work, i felt that i was on a therapeutic morning walk which cleared and focused my mind about a lot of stuffs(yeah "stuffs" since i had a lot in my mind : Chuckle). I couldnt believe that i was actually better in focusing and appreciation just by slowing things down.

Slowing things down doesnt mean that you are working inefficently. Contrarory to that, you can actually clean up a whole lots of things, because you are better focus, and hence, your enegy is used efficiently. Kids are the best example, they know how to enjoy things in life ; live in the moment. As a kid, we always take time doing something, enjoying the moment and thus we are happy. However, as we grow older, we tend to do things fast, and thus suck your happy energy right out of your life. We unconsiously let the idea of "living fast hectic lifestyle" as okay.

I like to slow things down which is not the same as being "You are Slow!"

I have detached quite a number of things too lately. Do less in my life = More Time in my Life = : ). I always preach to my design students as "Less is More and More is Less" and i believe such is true in life too. I ve been practising Do Less lately, hence, that explains my frequent absense in blogsphere (and all that). Getting back in the right perspective, i have enjoyed back sitting down doing nothing, just relaxing : ) yeah the RestNrilekS style Aha!

The truth is, i like to go on and on telling you more about how i feel on slowing things down, but i guess i better slow down my thoughts here. Chuckle!!

In the meantime, All i just want to say, thanks for reading, and have a great day everyday.

Till next time.
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