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Since Hari Raya AidilFitri mood is still here, i would like to wish Selamat Hari Raya AidilFitri to all my muslim readers.. May this festive season brings you joy, happiness and blessing. Pix above :is just a quick drawing that i did before Hari Raya posted on my FB wall.
Owh, on 2 nights before Hari Raya, i did go to Masjid India joining the hordes of desperate people (or maybe not, probably there were there like me, for "cuci mata" too) This year, it was less hectic( nevertheless, still crowded and not for the faint of heart hehe) Great that the bazaar was spreaded up to Sogos junction, making the place breathable to walk thru. I had fun spending time there till 3 am and that gave me time to take some shots, using my camera phone; hence the Nokia N82 Shots : ).

Darn it!!, the twins were in my shot ruining my aim for that Sogo Junction. Hehe. I like how the picture turns up at the end. Nokia N82 Shot : Night Mode, Vivid, No Flash, +1 Contrast, 2MP. And the best thing about having a Carl Zeiss Camera Phone is the picture is quite good for your instant daily journal. Comes in handy too, for that spontaneous moments that you ll never know when. I seldom nowadays bring my Panasonic Lumix camera Aha!! (Yeah nothing fancy like those Androids or IPhones)

Later that night, we moved on to Jalan Chow-Kit. The jam was okay, slow but still bearable. Last two years was even worst. Didnt stop to buy things, just drove there admiring the scene. I have always liked to scout Masjid India and Chow-Kit areas few days before Hari Raya. There are something about those places that add to the Raya atmosphere. Then again, maybe it is just me!.

I AM IN LOVE!! Haha!!- You ve got that Right because of these three wonderful things. My Bamboo Fun Wacom Tablet (yeah another one), My Handmade Roll - Up Organiser made by Kak Emi and lastly, My New Moleskine (pronounced as "Mole - a - skeen' - a", but i just say it as it is "Mol - Skin"). Previously, i had no idea what MoleSkine was. I came across the word for the first time on Kak Emila's blog, and that was around 2008. Later, i saw MoleSkine notebooks at Borders (Berjaya Time Square). I was gulping looking at the price. Gosh!! "This is Expensive.." I said to myself. And i completely forgot about it. But over time, it seemed that Moleskine kept finding its way to me : mentioned by other artists, blogs, twitter, flickr and google. And it felt that i needed to have my hands on this sound wonderful notebook. There were times i thought about asking Kak Emi to bring her Moleskine ,so that i could touch. But the idea seemed inappropriate. Tee hee.

Now, if you have no idea why so-much bruhahaha over MoleSkine is ; Then let me enlighthen you. MoleSkine, in terms of notebooks is, like Ferrari of Cars. It is like the Ipad of the analog world. There are fans of MoleSkine all over the world. It is a legendary notebook used by artist and thinkers for the past two centuries. Vincent Van Gogh..Pablo Picasso just to name a few. Culture, Imagination, Memory, Travel and Personal Identity are five areas associated with MoleSkine. Owh Gosh! I feel artistic already just by mentioning MoleSkine. LoL! MoleSkine! MoleSkine! MoleSkine!

So, here i am now, with my First MoleSkine. Yahoo!! I even ditch my Bamboo Fun (momentory) since i am so happy to have My First MoleSkine. Yeah, i know, probably some people will say that i am making such a scene for my First MoleSkine. I still remember, when i first got my MoleSkine, i unwrapped her gently, pulled her over to my cheek, sniffed that wonderful smell of the black cover, brushed my hands feeling the smooth paper.. Awwhhhhh!! I was high in DRAWGASM!! Lol!! At the end, all i can say is, there is something about MoleSkine that i havent encountered with any other notebooks. Personally, i find MoleSkine as a great medium for me documentating my creative thoughts, not too big, not to small, just nice and handy too. I know some use them as notebooks, journals, diaries and etc . Frankly, i would settle for Monologue for notetaking; way cheaper than MoleSkine. The truth is, i cant afford to have MoleSkine for my notetaking purpose. Moleskine doesnt come cheap in Malaysia. For now, I am Happy with My MoleSkine and it goes great with Kak Emi's Handmade Roll-Up Organizer. By the way, check out Kak Emi's LittleShop of handmade items : You may find something to your liking.

Well, i just cant help myself but to doodle on the front page. For the last few days, my creative juices been flowing like a Choo-choo train (maybe the effect of MoleSkine First Timer- aha). And I keep drawing and drawing and drawing..imagine me going on like that Energizer Bunny Rabbit - wicked ya?- Whoaho!! So, i ve been drawing some rattan design / sketch, brainstorming on some ideas, doodling in some part of the notetaking pages too. At last, i have finally found my "Ipad". I just hope this "I am in Love" feeling is not a quick bubble waiting to be burst. But should it be, i ll enjoy this moment for now. Tee Hee..

I draw...

And i draw again...

And I keep drawing some more...

Obviously, i am letting go for now my Grandleux and Winsor'n'Newton sketchbooks for i have found my true love. Owh! MoleSkine, we are meant for each other....

Owh! I googled MoleSkine under, and results were not somehow as expected. I know that there are quite a number of Malaysians who use MoleSkine, but i what i had in mind was to see more images or blogs showing MoleSkine sketch / art / drawing / design. One familiar name shows up in google, and it am not surprised ; Kak Emi of EmilaYusof.
Well, hopefully, the numbers of Malaysian MoleSkine sketches showing up in will be more, spicying up the Malaysia art scene.

All Right, my time is due now, and i seriously think i ve been taking more than my share of standard expected length of a blog entry. Haha. I wish you have a great day everyday, thanks for reading RestNrilekS and subscribe me should you find RnR interesting. Take Good Care of Your Health. Happy Blogging : )

Till next time.
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