Salam and Hello "Apa Khabar?" (Means How Are You? in Malaysia Language). Congratulations to these three awesome commentors for being first on my last entry: 1. The Sweet Bella (has nothing to do with twillight). 2. The nice soulie (Happy2 with Bem always) and 3. The Sassy Monica. Pheeweeett!! Show some Loooooveee!! by visiting their blogs : )

My last entry was quite looooong.. thus, i ve decided to go short on this one. Life had been hectic and seriously mind-tiring for the last two weeks for me. I even had to skip HRC gathering which i was looking forward too. I dont think i have the energy to write a decent post. This is just a post : )

I doodle AGAIN...during one of those meetings.

And since it has been quite some time i post anything about rattan, here are some of my rattan students' sketches.

Here they are : "Strike A Pose" with their products : )

And this is me ( i mean my sketch) on Moleskine : D

Have a great day everyday and Happy blogging ya : )

Till next time.
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