Now, check this Pac Man Moleskine video. Even if you are not into Moleskine, i am sure you ll find this cute. : ) Aha, this is a cue that this entry will be on Moleskine, again. Haha. By the way, Congrats to these first three commenters on my last entry. Marzie, Monica and Caroline.Syabas!!

Here is another video on Moleskine Planners Collection. For more info, just head on to Moleskine site. This is a video made by Dutch Visual Artist Rogier Wieland introducing the 2011 Collection. Personally, i would like to get my hands on all those limited Moleskine edition such as Peanuts, Pac-Man and I heart KL (err not the Marc Jaacob edition..), but the truth is, i cant afford all of them. LoL!! Though the 2011 Moleskine Planners Collection looks tempting, i dont think i am the notebook-planner-kind of guy. I like to jot down on blank paper since it gives me freedom. I feel restricted with those boxes and lines. But!, if i were to choose, weekly panaromic would be my choice.. More on moleskine, hop on to

I want Pac-Man... truut truutt truutttt and Ipad too :P

On October 12, i did submit my illo on skineart. Skineart is like Illustration Friday only that all works are drawn on Moleskine. There is no right or wrong way, just awesome people sharing their awesome works (errr when i say awesome, that statement excludes mine :D )
Click on the pix above to see my work on Skineart.

I ve been jotting down creative notes and projects, rattan design sketches, and illos in my standard Moleskine Sketchbook. The way i do em, by dividing the book into three sections. Moleskine is a great book, by what makes it greater is to fill them with your thoughts and ideas. I have a friend who still doesnt write anything in his Moleskine because he likes the book so much. LoL! I am looking forward to finish my Moleskine, which could take up 2 years, so that it would be an experience when flipping thru the pages later. Here is a sample of Art journal that i do. Just create your own style and be comfy with it.
:rattan moleskine sketch::blush:

Last but not least, apart from tagging “rattan crafts” with RestNrilekS, i am including a new label, that is “moleskine” (eyes rolling). Why? i find it hard to find Malaysia blogs on moleskine, with the execption of one talented self-though artist : Kak Emila. Second, it drives me to draw and design more, which i find very important in terms of documentation purpose. Third, personally i just like to add more colours to the world of local art and rattan design in blogsphere. Aha!! Here are few rattan sketches done by my staff-projects on moleskine. We have decided to design rattan products everyweek as an exercise. At this stage, we just pour out our creative flow whithout emphasizing much on the critical aspects.

Hmm... that's it. Happy Blogging and Have a great day everyday ya.

Till next time.
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