Obviously it has been a while since i last participated in Illustration Friday. So, i decided to do a quick one, and this week theme is : DUSTY.  
"RestNrilekS was being neglected for quite some time, and it began to get "Dusty."  It was no longer in its proud state.  People under its land decided that it was time for RestNrilekS to wake up from its long slumber, for they were worried, in time, they would soon be forgotten."We should all do something about this!!" said To'Bee, one evening, raising his concern.  The hall was so quite that the only thing you hear was the breath of the one sitting next to you.  All eyes were locked on Grom.  Everyone was anticipating his reaction. 
Without long, They all huff and puff, big and small, creatures of all mixtures of strentgh and magical powers, putting away their differences, marched..."
My "Dusty" for this week Illustration Friday theme : Black Ink and Colour Pencils
My Moleskin with Illustration Friday and unfinished rattan lamp next to it. Sigh
Okay, okay, i know, i am going a bit too far.  It is only a fictitious story, but i think it's fun to come up with a story for my Illo  (without doubt! ).  Hmm, i wonder, should it be "Dusty" or "Rusty."  Second picture!, dont ask me why there is a pair of big panda eyes staring at you.  Hehe.  Actually, it is a portable foldable mini table that i use for drawing (it is cheap at rm10@usd3+).  It think it is for children.  For RM10, i wont complain how it looks like, as long as it serves it purpose.

It has been quite some time since i last draw anything in my Moleskine Sketch Book, so "Dusty" is a good start for me, or else, my fingers will get "Rusty."  Earlier, i thought i would only fill the books with illo and design sketches, but overtime, thougths and personal discoveries have made their way into my Moleskine. I think it will be "kewl" to look back what i have written in the future.  May be its me, or maybe it is just the Moleskin hidden magic, but when ever i take down notes, i dont simply write them the way i normally do with other notebooks.  I adorn my pages with shapes and colors. Oho!!
Sometime, i take notes of things that i find interesting.
Other times, i draw out my thoughts to declutter my mind.
Sometimes too, i visualize things i like them to be.
And i have a page indexing my personal journey thru symbols, so i can cherish them later.

So, that's it!! my entry on this week Illustration Friday.  I try to cut it short, for i know my students say that i can go on and on and on.  Haha.  Thanks for reading RestNrilekS, and i wish you all.. Have a Great Day Everyday.

p/s : Congrats Caroline, Bella and Monica for being the first three commenting on my last entry.  Hop on to show some love.

Till next time.

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