Hari Kraf Kebangsaan 2011 kini muncul kembali bermula dari 23Feb - 7 Mac 2011.  Terbuka kepada orang ramai dari 10.00pg - 10.00malam setiap hari, di Jalan Conlay, HKK2011 menghimpunkan hampir beratus pengusaha dari seluruh Malaysia. :)

Good news to Handmade and Crafts Lovers!! Kraftangan Malaysia Hari Kraf Kebangsaan 2011 or National Craft Day is finally on.  It will be from 23 Feb - 7 Mac 2011, from 10am - 10pm.  And, Today, 24 February is the official launching day.  So, come and join the festival.  Indulge yourself with traditional food testing (The Kueh Lapis Sarawak looks awesome, and i bought the kuih baulu for rm3/10pieces).  Try out craft interactive on Rattan, Seramics and Wood Carvings ( i will hide if i see any of you there.. haha).  Check out the performers.  Or simply come and experience the Craft Experiences.  Hey, it doesnt get any better when there are hundreds of crafts entrepreneurs all over Malaysia in one place.  Now, that is convenient.  This will be my first post on Hari Kraf Kebangsaan 2011 and i hope i ll be able to do another two or more less posts in conjunction of HKK.

I am going to find that bamboo, ribu-ribu coin box again which i missed last year.  Ahh! i didnt see the one that i wanted yesterday.

Dont mind my first few sentences are in Bahasa Malaysia. I am sure you figure it out. Pssttt! Whisper.. Because of Uncle Google.  : )  Hehe.  I am not going to write any further.  Let the pictures do the talking.  Hope you enjoy.
This section is mostly on weaving crafts : mengkuang, rattan, bemban, pandan and etc. 
There are couples selling and demonstrating traditional cookies.  They give free samples too, so you can taste before buying.  I like the kuih baulu dan Kek Lapis Sarawak.  Kek Lapis Sarawak come in many colors and patterns, interesting!!
I think she is cool.  She changed her pose when i said that i liked to take her picture.  What is uncool right now is that my hand shook while taking her picture, alamak Rizal! I better put on the Mega OIS feature next time.

Mah Meri is an aborigine tribe in Malaysia.  They ve got great skills in carvings specializing in sculptures.  Sculptures are based on their guardian spirits or Roh.
I cant remember this uncle name.  My hat goes to him for his passion in continuing making water container made of wood.  Wow, a barel of water!! How often do we see that these days.  He have clippings of newspapers in chinese, which i reckon must be interviews about him.  I did a simple photo manipulation on this picture.
Enjoying myself listening to her.  She looks like Adibah Noor at a first glimpse.
A section on wood craft. I ll reserve my comment on what i think this section feels this year.  Hehe
A glimpse of many more rattan handbag with leather that we will develop.  This will be a starting point.  More to come in future RestNrilekS blog.  Whoaho!!
I think she has been with us for so many HKKs and there are a lot of people waiting, wanting to have their palms tatooed with inais.  Auntie, i want inais in the form of RestNrilekS wording boleh?
They have great selections on jewelleries.  Luckily i was walking alone, or else i would stuck with my friends oooohhhing and ahhhhhhhhing but no buying.  LoLs
That is it for now.  Do come to Kompleks Kraf Jalan Conlay, and i hope you ll enjoy the Hari Kraf Kebangsaan 2011 experience.

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Congrats to these first three for stylizing my last stylish entri Mon, Bella and Lady Gaga Lj.  Thank you too to the rest for your comments.

Till next time.
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