Satay (pronounced /ˈsæteɪ/ SA-tay) or sate is a dish of marinated, skewered and grilled meats, served with a sauce.[1] 

20 Satay sticks with cucumber, onions, errr pressed rice? (erkk!!) + peanut sauce. 
 On Saturday, since it was on a four-day-holiday here in Malaysia, i decided to buy Satay instead of cooking.  Moreover, no one was at home, thus, i didnt see any reasons why i should cook that day.  I thought, might as well i enjoyed the moment, pampering myself with all the time and quietness i had.  Whoaho!! Later out the day, stomach grumbled signaling me to feed something to this so plummy body. I wanted fast and quick food, but not fast-food, so my thoughts kinda lingered onto this one MakCik Satay.  "Aha!! Satay then it shall be" ~ I said to myself.  Cheerily, off i went to Desa Pandan.
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"Makcik, bagi 20 chik, sepuluh sepuluh",i said to her, keeping my satay eager calmly within myself. "Err, nasi impit kira camner?" i asked again. "Seringgit ada, ambik dua ringgit la nak..", the makchik responded. "Haa bagi dua ringgit la camtu.." i said again

Later some time, after much maneuvering myself from the grilled smoke, I asked.. "Berapa ringgit chik?" i was counting somewhere around rm10.  The makchik murmured, as if jinxing the Satay with some old unseen spells.  "14 ringgit.."  Short and precise she answered.

"RM14!! - Mak Aiiii.." i shouted loudly, of course only in my head.  "RM14!!.." i kept repetating myself.  I thought long and hard while on my way back to home.  "Sorry Makchik, from now onwards....i... i have just to "unfollow" you..." i whispered to myself... sighed....

A quick sketch : Black Ink Pen and Winsor n Newton water colors on Moleskine. Am using a fine brush to paint vine like design lightly as background.  I like how it gives a textured look to the paper.
That night, with one skewer in my left hand, and a pencil on my right hand, i poured out my sorrow onto my Moleskine, my only lover., whom i shared my pride, joy and sorrow.

Lols - Rizal!! You are being weird.  Haha.  Okay, have you ever bought something and finally regret buying it?  I am sure you must have.  I dont normally regret especially when it comes to buying food, for i believe, that you are being BLESSED!! if you can put  food on your table.  I regretted because i was being so naive, i didnt make a better choice, i took things for granted though there were much commotion about price hikes.  I was being ignorant.  Prices have increased these days, and that means i have to be extra frugal.  I dont know why i fstill feel that rm14 pinch, may be because i can get a whole lot of different types of food for the same amount.  That RM14 Satay defeats the purpose of bringing lunch almost everyday. That RM14 Satay defeats my last year post about saving too. Eating that RM14 Satay would be merrier if i had some one to share with.
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Using the Dicer brought from Jusco for RM15. One Dicer to dice em all.
So, the next day, promised to myself that i would not fall into that trap again.  I decided to cook. I must not be lazy. So, I cook. Yeah!! Ohh, check out my new food dicer (manual).  You dice it by twisting both sides. It will be more fun if you dice the food and singing "Let s do the twist" at the same time.  :D - Onions, Garlics, Red Chillis, Bird Eye Chillis, Ginger and Lemon Grass, all into the dicer.
Tara!!, I like how it works. Ingredients are not too fine. I dont want it to be a Paste.
Sweet n Sour , Hot n Spicy Beef with Lemon Grass.
Next, the main course, that is the Chillis Beef.  Mind you, this is hot and spicy.
Just cucumber and onion to tone down the Chilli Meat.
The quick and simple salad to tone down the chillis; onions + cucumbers with sugar and dash of vinegar  .  I like these cold so i put em in the freezer.
Something Crunchy, Terengganu Fish Cracker for a week supply.  Safe n Sound in a Jacob biscuit tin
Of course, there must be some keropok too. I goreng a week supply of Keropok Ikan.  They come in handy during those watching movie times.
My Lunch Box.  It reminds me the old times when people use stainless steel as lunch container, instead of the fancy boxes.
And tara!!, this is my Lunch Box Set.  I have three Lunch Boxes actually, twith two athat can keep your food warm.  This stainless steel food carrier is a bargain for RM10.  Bought it at Jusco it is lot cheaper than my rm60 and rm70 lunch boxes.  Kinda reminds me of old times, when people used to bring this type of food carrier.

With fuel prices keep going, and necessities keep choking you at every corner, i would be a fool to keep spending like a flowing river.  I know some would not mind spending big when it comes to eating, but i would rather save the money on eating and enjoy em on something else.  Some people are just the other way round, save money on something but dont mind spending on eating.  At the end, one thing remains a fact, we all need to save a bit here and there no matter how big or small or lifestyles are  : )
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LadyJava, Mangosteenskin and Bella.

Till next time.
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