Hari Kraf Kebangsaan 2011 yang begitu stylish datang lagi.  Jemput datang kawan-kawan ke Kompleks Kraf Jalan Conlay.  Bermula dari 23 Feb - 7 Mac dari jam 10pagi hingga 10 malam.  Dah dapat gaji ni, boleh la beli barang kraf sambil-sambil sokong industri Kraftangan ni ye.  Yang ni entri ke 2 tentang Hari Kraf Kebangsaan, boleh lihat sini, nak tahu yang pertama : )
Wow!! i feel so stylish.  Within these 10 days, i ve been awarded  with another sylish blogger award again.  This time, awarded by the sweet, sassy, independent, hardworking and creative writer, none other than the stylish Marzie that is.  Thank you very much.  Deep down inside, i feel uber stylish.  Whoaho!!. Words cant describe how i feel now.  Just look at the picture below to feel me.  Haha.  You feel me? you feel me?
Hantu Kak Limah
Original Picture is from nawriz007.blogspot.com  from movie "Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah" Photo touch up on lipstick and cheek powder, plus typos. : )
As promised earlier, this is my 2nd update on Hari Kraf Kebangsaan 2011.  You can read my first post here.  I am not going to write my usual style post.  This is going to be a stylish entry aka caption style (mind you there are more than 10 pictures, please bear with me, but i have reduced the sizes.  Hope that helps.)  Without further ado, enjoy :

If you have extra time, you may want to visit the interactive section and try yourself one of these four interactive crafts ; wood carving, ceramics making : throwing technique, rattan weaving and the Orang Asli origami.  There are three sessions per day running simultaneously.
Pictures of forced volunteers happily waiting for you people to try the interactive.
Another variety of rattan bag with leather.  I dont like the small one. Haha.
Wooden Frame with decorative rattan crafts.  Few of many different designs that we do.  Owh you can read about these in my previous post :  here.
This is the incoming buying mission area.  All Malaysian products (crafts) are displayed here for the invited International Trade Buyers, located on the first floor of the Lobby Area. The buyers (from UK, US, Russian etc..) were here from 24 to 26 Feb.
Livan Craft of Sarawak, specialized in bead works.  Love the feel of that small pouch.  The bead work makes it feel nice to simply rub your hand over it.
A jewellery, err too bad i cant remember what it is. A Sabah craft entrepreneur if i am not mistaken.  I should have taken notes imagining myself like one awesome reporter.  Owh, i am a reporter of RestNrilekS.  Darn you Rizal.. be prepare next time.
Another up close picture of jewelleries.  Pearls?  Beads?  Could someone help me?
Okay personally, i think this is so wrong.  I dont think displaying batiks on black mannequins brings out the best of Batik.  Nampak macam orang Africa yang slim melim peragakan batik. kui kui kui
Royal Terengganu Songket, for those who dare.  Expensive.  for a reason.  Normal songket would take up 2-3 months to finish depending on patterns and materials.  These Royal Terengganu Songket helps the Terengganu weavers (community) to sustain the meticulous handiworks.  A small pouch of coin pouch cost around rm50 -rm80
Modern Malaysia - a craft shop by Felda located in Kraftangan Craft Complex.  I like the idea of how Felda brings a new image of crafts to people.  Pssttt, i hear that their craft consultants are brought over from Asia Pacific..
A bamboo house.  Looking at this makes me wonder how far we have come in terms of being comfy with our lives.  I think this bamboo house should be located in place where most people can see.  A bit secluded if you ask me by putting it at the back of the Craft Complex.
Now, there are small shops house the painting artists known as the Artist Colony.  Got extra money?, have yourself drawn for only rm30 for 10minutes, or get yourself mini artworks to add arts in your home.  Me? i just use my doodle. Hehe.

I am having a second thought whether i should give a summary of how i feel about this year Hari Kraf Kebangsaan.  Maybe i should do them on my next last HKK post.
Meanwhile, i just like to say...

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Have a great day everyday.
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Caroline, Zuls and Bain.  Tahniah dan Syabas!!

  Till next time.
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