yeah, this is one awesome award from an awesome person.
Someone thinks that i am stylish.  Whoaho!! and for that reason, she (yes she is a beautiful and sassy SHE) has awarded me with a "Stylish Blogger Award", and that she, is Mon.  Frankly, i do not think i am stylish enough to be awarded.  I dont think i am stylish enough on the outside nor in the inside.  Thank you again Mon and welcome back to the blogsphere.

Speaking of stylish, right now i feel so out of style because Hari Kraf Kebangsaan 2011 (National Craft Day 2011) will be officially launched on 24 Feb, and that means a bundle of works JOY awaits me.

I am so out of style for not making a post last week.

RestNrileks is so out of style for having problems with its home-page comments and drop-down archives. Urrghhh!!

I am doing this entry on not-my-usual-style, this entry is on picture-caption style.

I am styling my pictures by adding RestNrileks watermark. Whoaho!!

Therefore, i am presenting you my new stylish entry :D, a quick solution for a writer's block depression.  Aha.
rattan lamp
These are stylish rattan floor lamps made by my second year students.
moleskin cover doodle
To add more style in mylife, i doodled on picture frame and my moleskine sketch book cover.
frame doodle
I stylized even furter by darkening and doodling all over the frame.
canvas doodle
Then, my fingers couldnt stop doodling and found its way on a blank canvas (still havent finished) for,  Owh! i thought the blank canvas just needed some style.

rattan table lamps
Since, Hari Kraf Kebangsaan 2011 is near, we ve made some stylish table lamps.
flower rattan lamp
I feel this lamp is not stylish enough, so it is now undergoing a quick makeover.
GF1 mama
Mama thinks she got some "must-tell-the-world" posing style and she forced me to use manual focus when taking her picture.  Darn you Mama!
GF1 manual focus
I am still learning to use manual focus and hope to bring my own style when taking pictures.
My last stylish entry was grabbed by these three stylish and distinguished bloggers, Lady Gaga Java, Marzie and Bella.


If you find my RestNrilekS so stylish, do subscribe me and join us,eehaa.  If you think RestNrilekS is so out of style, then i say "Thank You for visiting and Have a Stylish Day Everyday"

Till next time.
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