I was merrily hoping along the Kraftangan Booth during Hari Kraf Kebangsaan, when suddenly, my handphone rang its BeSpoke tone, "Ting Ka Ting Ka Ting Ka Ting..." A new email notification.  I tapped my screen to see from whom it was.  Ahhh.. a news from Apple informing me the much anticipated Apple IPad 2 launching date.  Then, i went oooOOOOOH!  aaaaaAAAAhhh!!

Celebrating this event too is Denaihati. There is a Denaihati contest known IPad 2 contest.  Denaihati, as far as i can remember, has been organizing contests with great prizes (money, netbook).  The contest is opened to all bloggers around the world.  Prizes are 1x Ipad 2, 4 x Rayban Sunglasses and Cash for top refferals.  But of course, since there is an IPad 2 to be given away, rules and regulations are a bit tighter. 
1]-PR3 and above. 2]-Active blog with 3 posts in a week. 3]-make an entry with sponsors links, then leave backlink on his blog and FB wall.

Winner of IPad2 will be chosen based on top link referal with 6000 traffic and below 50% Bounce Rate.  Thanks to  SmartBiz and Ray Ban Malaysia for sponsoring the contest.  Hop on to Incik Denaihati to read more and hurry up, contest  ends on 31/5/2011.

Anyway, back to Apple IPad 2.  Here are some features of the new IPad 2 :
Two cameras come in handy for video calling.  The big screen is sure nice since the other party can have clear view of you, or what is going on around you, pretty much useful when viewing birthday party or showing off your cool social event. Hehe.
Then, there are these three more features. Apple says that it can last up to 10 hours, but with its new thinness, only time will tell.
The smart cover, which is something, is really nice.  The magnetic feature gives IPad 2 a sleek look too.  I like the fact that you can do-stand everything with it and IPad 2 turns on and off instantly as you open or close the Smart Cover.  There are ten colours to choose to suit your personality. 
How fast?  Two-time fast that is. Cool!! Nevertheless,  I am not sure how gaming users will experience the multi-touch feature on hard core graphics intensive games.  But the video gives a glimpse of what the future will be.  Steam does offer more and more games on Apple platform, but i dont think, gamers would pick IPad 2 as their choice of gaming rig that soon.  Right now, i will stick playing my Left 4 Dead 2 on my nvidia lappy.

 All pictures are from Apple site.

Would i get Apple IPad 2 if i have the money now? The answer is no.  I would probably wait for IPad 3 (rumors on Fall) hoping for usb ports and SD card slot.  The good thing is, by the time IPad 2 is in Malaysia, IPad price will go down (right now, IPad price has already dropped).  I ve tried typing on IPad , but i guess i ll need some time to get used to it.  And, in spite of IPad 2 new features, it wont get tech bloggers typing on it. Personally, i think it is a nice compliment device to my gadgets, but not a must-have-device right now.  I already have gadgets that can do what IPad 2 can do, if not more.  Though, it is great to have it with you on your couch while watching TVs, or on your desk while having your breakfast, i find that the ideas are really a distraction to simply enjoy the offline world.  But that s just me. 

On the other hand, IPad 2 is a great device for some people :

1.  IPad 2 is a great concept, for people who are not tech / comp savy.  It brings these people to the online world without much fuse.  Connect and be done with.  Bringing close families together as a device that strengthen friend and family ties.

2.  IPad 2 is a great complimentary device for tech / comp / social media savy. too  You have your lappy, your smartphone and a device that is easy to use, and light to carry around for that constant updating with nice screen size.

3.  Ipad 2 is a great portfolio for designers, showing works to clients.

4.  Ipad 2 is a great device as a social status.  It makes you look cool and hip.  Apple, as a company, has succeeded in renowned itself as a Good Product Design company,  which excels in form and  function.

5. The most appealing feature to me falls under Education.  I love its simplicity of TV plugging, which means i can move around and not limited to where my lappy is.  I love that i can bring it during personal design discussion with my students, showing them design pictures, notes, and examples in the palm... err okay not palm, of my hands.  I am not sure if there is a software like wacom for IPad 2, but if there is, IPad 2 would heighten my teaching experience.

Now, looking basically at all the reasons for loving IPad 2, i ve seen not much difference than the first IPad, though different can be said about its technicallities.


Now, though i am not going to buy Apple IPad 2 any sooner, that doesnt mean i would sell IPad  2 should some one give me freeeeeeee, or should i win a freeeee IPad 2.  But, i dont mind settle for a RayBan sunglass too should i not be the winner in Denaihati's contest.  Ray Ban sunglass, who doesnt want one?

A Ray Ban Sunglass would make me look OHSEM!
Now, if you dont believe me, just check these before-and-after Ray Ban pictures.  Dont they look so uber cool, full of confident, and stylish too.  Damn!!
You are still not convinced.  Look how she has got the Bling.  Thanks to Ray Ban Sunglass. P/s : Pictures are made possible by forced voluntered students of RestNrilekS.  Now students, be prepared to be famous via FB wall.  Haha.  I told you not to add your teacher in FB. Miahahaha!!
Money would be OhSEM!! too if i dont get that Ray Ban Sunglass.  Kaching!  Kaching!
In spite of my long thoughts about IPad 2, i wont be joining the contest.  Just helping Incik Denaihati with his IPad 2 contest showing my support. Just give your luck a try, who knows, you may end up with an Apple IPad 2, and that would make you so OhSem!

RestNrilekS says thanks to Lady Java, Monica and Foong the Mysterious Panda.

  Till next time.
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