I think i should give myself a pat on the back for succeding in writing an entry. Hehe.  Funny, previously, i had never imagined myself using an Ipad ( Read This), now, here i am, using an Ipad; though not the groovy and sassy Ipad 2.  If you ask Uncle Google, about Ipad 2, there will be tones and tones of info about it, its specs and people happily showing their new gadget.  Unfortunately, there arent many people blog about how they use their Ipad.  Restricting my search to only pages from Malaysia will only bear dissapointment.  Heck no! i dont need specs, i can simply surf Apple webpage to do that.  Anyway, this entry is about sharing few apps that i find useful.  There are hundreds thousands of apps in Apple store and browsing em can be a bit overwhelming.  There are few apps you should try free first before buying, and then,  there are few apps you have to buy to know if it is good.  "Trial and error" is the answer.  After much searching and trying, this is how i go thru out my day using Ipad.

Okay, this is my home screen.  I set everything to only two home screens, one is for organizing my social life and one is for pleasure.  All together i have 6 games to kill some time. I really like Infinity Blade (500mb - the game that Apple advertises on its Ipad2), which brings Ipad gaming onto another level (though a bit repetitive). Still, games on Ipad come nothing close compared to the experience of playing games on Console or PC : ).

For social media, i use Mypad (Facebook), Echofon (Twitter - i use TD for desktop and Gravity for N8 : which is still the best twitter client [IMHO]), and MobileRSSHD (Google Reader). All are free apps with push notifications. After trying twitter, twitterific, Hootsuite and TweetDeck, i find Echofon suits best to my liking.  Echofon allows you to see if a user has been following you back or not too.  Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! notty notty twitterer. : )

For Note Taking, I use PenUltimate (paid) and Bamboo Paper (Free until 30th Jun).  Pen Ultimate allows you to have different notebooks for different task, while Bamboo Paper is based on only one notebook which you write everything inside.  However, there is "Pinch+Zoom" and "Pan" for Bamboo Paper, giving you a better control when writing using your finger.  Remember, though your fingers are great for tapping screen, they arent so for writing.  Well it seems you win some here and loose some.  I have tried Moleskin and Duke, but i find these two are somewhat less responsive.

For Info Collecting ala Note Taking, I use Evernote (Free).  I install Evernote on Ipad, home lappy and office desktop.  It is great for taking down ideas or task.  You can use web clipper (firefox 4.0 addon) which allows you save webpage (or selected).  You can tag all your notes for easy searching.  Sync to have up-to-date notes on all of your platforms  (currently on Ipad, Mac, Androids and Windows).

For MindMapping, i use Idea Sketch (Free) which is good in organizing and structuring your thoughts or concept.  I draft my ideas using PenUltimate and later compose it nicely in Idea Sketch.  It will be easy should i would like to add some important points later.  You can create flow, add sub ideas using colours and different font saiz and shapes.  Works like PC FreeMind app.

For Designing and Illustrating, I find SketchBookX (Free with Limited Brushes) really useful.  Great for illustrating and teaching during design class.

For CloudService, I use SugarSync (Free).  I have Sugarsync app on my N8, home lappy and office desktop, which help me syncronizing important files.  Another cloudservice that you may want to look is Dropbox.

For Quick Portfolio, i just use the Ipad Native App : Photo by creating different folders such as Sketch, Illustration, Rattan Products and Ideas.

Then, there is Kobo (Book and PDF Reader), Wunderlist (Things To do), FlipBoard and Zite.  All of which are free apps.  I ll get back to these later.

This is Wunderlist (Click to install on windows or Mac).  It can be download for Iphone, Ipad, Androids, Windows and MacOsX.  You must have this.  I have it in Ipad, home lappy and office desktop.  You can choose background.  You can categorize your  list and each task list offers reminder thru Push and Email notifications.  See your tasks on "Today, Tomorrow, OverDue, Done, Priority and up to 7 Days." Choose your background from 12 pictures.  Add task by email.  Sync your account on all platform.  Easy Peasy. Highly Recommend.

These are screen shot of Kobo, MyPad2 and MobileRSSHD ( I highly Recommend MobileRssHD - the HD version is better than the none HD).  

I install all my PDF files in Kobo.  Kobo is an ebook reader which offers books of various genres.  Some are free ( Hundreds are Free).  Others, you have to pay.  There is a "Night Reading Option", "Reading Life Notification", much like 4square badges which allows you to share via twitter and FB, Font types and sizes for preferred reading,  and shelves choices.  Another option is the IBook apps.  
For FB, I use MyPad.  All your FB features are there, even chat, and for Google Reader, i have to say, i like MobileRSSHD. You read by swiping left or right.  Apart from Google Reader Feature (shared, liked, stared), it allows sharing via email, twitter, FB, ReaditLater, Instapaper, Delicious, Evernote, PinBoard, SinaMiniBlog, Zooltool, Safari, CopyLink and Mobilizer.  Owh full  Ohsemness!!

Evernote (Click to download your platform), makes it easy to remember things.  Just give it a try.  : )
Here is a screenshot of PenUltimate.  It offers Pen colours & sizes, and paper types.
SketchBookX.  Works great for doodling and designing.  I think it is a must for illustrators and concept designers out there.  Sketchbook is however not a rendering or vector app.  There is a layer option to work with making it easier for quick rendering purpose.  You can import pic and later email your work.  This will be such a nice app to use during class design discussion since i can use, alter and show quick design in a matter of minutes. I use finger, glove and Dagi Capacitive Stylus when working with this app. Owh, i cant wait to use it during class :D.  Now all i need is a cable projector.

Flipboard, your personalized social magazine.  You can add twitter, google reader account, twitter list, and much more, sort of like paper.li but with better user experiences.  Zite is another social magazine that ask your twitter and google reader account to turn into social magazine.  Personally, i like Zite better because it is a smart app. It gets smarter as you use it.  Zite will detect your preference and offers topic of your interest.  Some people say Zite is for power user while Flipboard is really like a..err magazine for casual user.  You have to try these two to find which suits you best.

Owh, last but not least, BlogPress, which allows you to post your blog.  Absolutely great for blogging on the go (Mobile Blogging).  It supports most mainstream blogging platforms.  I ve use it once to see how it looks on my livemobo ( I think i need to set the best pic size when using BlogPress).  You can add photo, you tube integration, emoji icons and lots more.  BlogPress really save a blogger day especially when Ipad wont allow composing via standard blogger.com Remember the no flash for Ipad.

Transfering pictures? Well, i just email to myself from my N8 since i use N8 a lot for picture taking ( i love my N8 Camera capabilities).  Ipad2 does come with front and back camera, but reading the reviews, the camera is nothing to shout about. 

At the end, i agree with Nokia N8 tagline, it is not about technology but it is how you do with it which matters. Personally, as a teacher, designer and social media user, i think i can fall in love with IPad though i hate the no usb, no flash, no bluetooth for file, no gorilla glass, and the I Tunes must syncronization. As i am what i am right now, IPad serves as a true mobile gajet that goes beyond just reading tweets n blogs.

p/s : Hoping for 15" MacBook Pro.
p/p/s : Hoping to get my hands on Androids System.

Congratulations to these first three commenters on my lasssssttttt post.

Till next time.
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