I love Paper apps of fiftythree.com for Ipad. I think it is awesome. How awesome is that? For starter, it has 1.5 million downloads and 7 million pages created so far. It is free. However, the free version comes only with a fountain-pen like tool which is good for drawing. The quality of line is controlled by how fast your stroke is. Paper is optimized for creative process to draw, sketch, write, outline and colour. The full potential will set you back for USD1.99 per tool, and if you are like me (like to draw), i say, buy all the tools. Whoaho!! :)

Paper allows you to share your creative juice on twitter, facebook and tumblr. You can also email and save your work on the ipad itself. There is no pinch and zoom. I dont mind. I take that as how i would normally draw on my moleskine sketch book. One thing i like about Paper is the simplicity of it. I feel like i always have a small notebook in my pocket with me all the time. When the time comes, i can simply take out Paper and draw, be those of my quick rattan ideas, fun illos or simply jot down my ohsem thoughts. Paper is not intended to be an app like SketchBook Pro or ArtRage where you have sets of complete tools. Nevertheless, the works done "made with paper", show awesome quality. Check out "Made with Paper" to see how different artists and styles use Paper.
Now, what is Paper without some "made with paper" fun? Enjoy :)
Madewithpaper me
Haha, Ini Saya (me) during my creative juice choo-choo thoughts flowing.
Madewithpaper 4
Paper comes with three-set of ten page book. You can add page, a book, change the cover to your liking or name your your book accordingly. Lower right : a doodle made to experience the learning curve needed.
Paper rattan crafts ideas
A find it so satisfiying almost to the point of DRAWGASM. Oohhh. Lol. Paper comes handy for my rattan quick ideas.
Madewithpaper illos
Fun Illos "Made with Paper".
Rattan lamp structure
Okay, i am not sure why these pics are here. Owh, PicFrame is another handy app good for publishing all your photos.
Paper: I see you
I see YOU!
paper rattan Craft Idea
Another quick rattan sketch.
Have a great day everyday ya..

Till next time.

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